Small Lot wines that capture the Next World spirit of the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys.

Our Story

We're passionate believers in the Similkameen Valley. The S'milka Vista property overlooks five bends in the Similkameen River, with a stunning view of Snowy Mountain and the Okanagan Range mountains. After all, they say the best vineyards have a view. Originally planted in 2008, we've been thoughtfully farming the vineyard since 2019.
Similkameen River

The Vineyard

When we first walked the S'milka Vista property, we immediately knew we had found something special. The vineyard is exceptionally rocky with complex, varied soils that are derived from limestone, granite, schist, and volcanic influences. It's difficult to imagine anything else growing here other than grapes and sagebrush. It sits on a mountainside that faces almost due west, perfectly capturing the radiant heat and sunshine of the valley’s long summer days. The intense winds that rush through the valley help to keep the fruit pristine, allowing minimal inputs in the vineyard. The result: flawlessly ripe fruit at harvest that has a saline quality characteristic to the Similkameen Valley.
Cluster of red grapes
Hand Harvesting


When we’re making picking decisions, balance is the key. It’s not just about Brix or sugar ripeness, but also acidity. Our aim is to produce wines that are vibrant and fresh, that have you quickly reaching for a second glass. The fruit is hand-picked – always – and then treated gently. We work the ferments by hand, and then use gravity and time as the two most important winemaking techniques. It’s all about showcasing the fruit.
Holding a grape cluster